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Affiliate Program


Earn 50% of all revenue by linking users to the product!

How to Participate

Add ?affiliate=YOUR_ETHEREUM_ADDRESS to the URL.


Every time someone uses Liquid Long or Liquid Close, a small fee (currently 1%) is applied to the amount of ETH loaned to the user and is sent to the authors (Keydonix).  However, if the transaction has an affiliate address attached to it, half of the 1% fee will be shared with the affiliate.  The affiliate payout happens trustlessly and immediately as part of the Ethereum smart contract.

The Liquid Long and Liquid Close UIs make it easy to attach an affiliate address directly to the URL by simply adding a query string.  If the user is a first time user, your affiliate address will be stored in browser local storage and attached to any transaction that user makes.

The format of the links are:

Just replace the 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 with your Ethereum address (no 0x prefix).

Note: If the user is browsing via IPFS (e.g.,, then the affiliate link will only be used for the session, and will not be stored in browser local storage.  This is because local storage is partitioned by domain, and since can be the domain for any content, we can't rely on the contents of local storage being legitimate.

Cashing Out

Affiliate payouts happen immediately, but they are in the form of WETH.  If you would like to convert your payout to ETH, you can use  If you would like to convert your payout to DAI, you can use

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